QuickScale Testimonials

Top class customer service
- Russel Zera, Warm Floors Online

I'm delighted with QuickScale and find it very useful
- Ben Massey, Massey Cladding Solutions

I wish QuickScale was around 10 years ago. I can now measure in one day what usually takes a week!
- Ian Hewitt, East Midlands Civil Engineering

Since using QuickScale I have seen a huge increase in the accuracy of our tendering and our outputs
- Simon Dick, Roofbond

QuickScale is very, very useful and does exactly what we want
- James Fisher, Prodeck Fixing

I'm impressed with QuickScale and it's easy to use
- Matt Brock, ProSpace Solutions

QuickScale is an awesome product. It's really easy to use and has saved our MVHR designer at least an hour a day
- Eliot Warrington

This software is easy to use, saves me time and effort and reduces expensive printing costs
- Mark Bass, John West (Contractors) Ltd

I have been using Quickscale for around 6 months and it has drastically improved the speed I can get through tender documents. The majority of enquiries now come through online and having Quickscale means I can scale any drawing I get within minutes. It’s easy to use and worth every penny I paid. I highly recommend this product!
- Liam Dennis, DF Roofing

The program works just like Autod***D***** but better! I needed this program to save time and I think it will.
- Jermaine Morgan, CA Blackwell (Contracts) Ltd