Using QuickScale


To print a drawing, or any part of it, select the 'Print' tab. The part of the drawing that will be printed is shown in the white page overlay:

Note: QuickScale's Scale Print feature only works when the scale of the drawing has been set.

The Scale Print window

Print Scale

The scale at which the drawing will be printed can be set by changing the value in the 'Print at' drop-down box. This does NOT change the drawing scale - only the printing scale.

Paper Size

To set the size of the paper you wish to print to, click the 'Size' button in the 'Page Setup' area of the 'Print' tab.

If you cannot find the paper size you need then it is because the current printer does not support that paper size. You will need to change your default printer to the printer that support the page size you require. For example, if you wish to print on A1 paper you need to change your default printer to the one that supports A1 printing.

To find out how to change the default printer on your computer, click the appropriate link: