Using QuickScale

The Pages and Dimensions Panes

On either side of the main drawing area are two 'panes': Pages and Dimensions.

The Pages and Dimensions panes

The Pages pane

The Pages pane is there to help you navigate around a multi-drawing PDF file or to help you get your bearings in a large, single drawing PDF.

The Pages pane

The Dimensions pane

All completed measurements are stored in the Dimensions panes. The Elements and Details columns are both editable to provide element names and additional information of meaning and relevance to the end user.

The Dimensions pane

Managing the panes

Both panes may be minimised or hidden altogether. To minimise a pane, simply click the little thumb-tack icon. To hide the pane completely, just click the little 'x' icon:

Hiding or Closing a pane

When minimised, you can see the labels 'Pages' and 'Dimensions' at the outer edges of the window:

The panes minimised

To reveal a minimised pane, just hover the mouse cursor over the relevant label:

Revealing the Pages pane

To reveal a hidden pane, you will need to select the 'View 'tab and then click the Dimensions and/or Pages button(s) in the 'Show' section. When these buttons are active, the panes are visible. You can toggle the panes' visibility just by clicking these buttons.

Toggling pane visibility