Using QuickScale

Calibrating a drawing with a known scale

Open a drawing

In QuickScale, open a drawing.

When you first open a new drawing in QuickScale, a red banner appears at the top of the drawing to tell you that the drawing's scale has not yet been set:

Scale not set notice

This is the first in a "traffic-lights" sequence that takes you through the simple calibration process: red means "not scaled"; amber means "provisionally scaled" and green means "scaled".

Calibration traffic lights

Set provisional scale

To obtain the scale from the drawing, go to drawing's title box and use the zoom in button to see the information:

Zoom-in button

Now just select the appropriate scale from the drop-down list box

Set drawing scale

Confirm scale

QuickScale now needs you to confirm the scale by drawing a single calibration line using a known accurate site measurement. If the drawing does not contain any measurements you can use any item for which a measurement is known (e.g. door width, window width, etc.)

Navigate to that part of the drawing where you are going to draw your known measurement (zoom in to get a good clear view of the part of the drawing to be measured) and click the calibration tool button:

Calibration Tool button

Now click one end of the measurement and the move the mouse to the other end and click:

Calibration line

The calibration dialog will now appear:

Calibration Dialog

Enter the exact dimension or just click OK to confirm the measurement.

That's it. You should save the calibrated drawing now and you are ready to take-off all the measurements you need or print the drawing to scale.