Using QuickScale

Opening a drawing

In QuickScale 2 you can either open a drawing file that is located on your local filesystem, or on a server on the internet.

Local Filesystem

File Open buttonDrawings that are stored on your local filesystem (including files on shared network drives or USB drives) are opened simply by clicking the open button and then navigating to the required drawing file.

Note that, if the file is stored on a shared network drive, it's probably advisable to copy the drawing file from the shared drive to a folder on your local machine.

This is because QuickScale needs exclusive access to the drawing file and, if somebody else is working on the same drawing file, you won't be able to open that file in QuickScale.

When using the 'File Open' dialog to navigate to your drawing, it's advisable NOT to use the Preview Pane feature found in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Again, this is because of QuickScale's need for exclusive access and files which are being viewed in the Preview Pane don't always open in QuickScale.

File Open dialog


To download a drawing directly into QuickScale from the internet, click the Start Button (the blue rectangle with yellow QS at the top left of the main QuickScale window) and then the "Download" button:

Download button

The "Download File" dialog opens:

Download File dialog

You can now type (or, preferably, paste - just click the underlined word 'paste') the full address (URL) of the drawing to be downloaded. If you press the tab key after entering the address, the download dialog will check that the file you've requested is, indeed, available and will enable the 'Save file' section if it is.

Note that, currently, the download dialog only works for files stored at an HTTP address. It will NOT work for Secure HTTP locations (HTTPS) or for FTP locations.

In the 'Save file' section, you can choose to either save the drawing to your desktop or to a specified folder:

Download File dialog

Click OK and the drawing should be downloaded and opened in QuickScale ready for calibrating.