Installing QuickScale

Installing the .Net Framework

If you get this prompt from the QuicKScale installer you are strongly advised to continue with the Framework installation as QuickScale will not work properly without it.

.NET Framework installation required prompt

Note: You need to have Administrative privileges to install the .NET Framework. If you have a company IT Department, check with them if you are unsure.

To start the Framework installation process, click the 'Yes' button. The QuickScale installer will now download the .Net Framework installer.

Downloading the .NET Framework installer

Windows will next prompt you to confirm the installation of the Framework.

Confirm installation of the .NET Framework

Choose the "Download and install this feature" option in order to proceed:

Confirm installation of the .NET Framework

Installation of the .NET Framework now begins. This could take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Installing the .NET Framework